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What is the best nasal pillow mask?


There are a lot of nasal pillows on the market. I feel that the breeze nasal  pillow from Puritan-Bennett is the best.  It has been modified recently.  However,  the breeze nasal pillow does have some problems.  The gear is too large to fit some patients' head.  The instructions are also very confusing on how to wear the mask.  I have invented a way to wear the pillow mask(Guan's hookup), it  can be seen in the video.  Some people complains nose hurts. The breeze nasal pillow is the most stable pillow gear if it is wore correctly, meaning that there is no significant air-leaking or discomfort if you toss and turn in the bed. The breeze nasal pillow comes in 4 different sizes: small (blue), medium (clear), large (green) and extra larger (pink).  The extra lager is meant for the people with larger nostrils.  For most people the large (green) is probable the best choice.  If your nose is smaller that most noses you will need the medium or the small one.  Sometimes one nostril is bigger than the other, therefore you will have to chose a larger one for one side and a smaller size for the other. Sometime, you may cut part of pillow to avoid the irritation of nasal mucosa.
Swift nasal pillow is another commonly used mask.  Personally, I do not like the mask.  It apppears that it is very easy to use.  However, it is very difficult to seal good due to the long bar over the nose, especially if some one has frequent toss and turn and like to sleep on side.  However, some people do like this mask. 
Recently, Respironics push out a pillow mask called Opti Life.  This mask is also very easy to use and comfortable.  However, it is not stable. It can come off easily and patient has to put back to nose repeatedly.  The patient may feel the nose hurts if it was pull very tight.
Again, I like breeze nasal pillow most, although there are many problems associated with the mask